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Outside your room with the glass block window
the sun is waiting

waiting for centuries 

since the beginning of time

needs only a minute to introduce himself

she, the captivating soul of the dark sky

your midnight light, is curious

curious since she watched from above

his seductive rays set that very First Day

since that day, there has been millions of days

ones where he hesitates to go

tries to prolong his shine

others where he dims light light: looking to send a sign, hoping she'll get there early

there are even days she finds the courage

to call after him 

but just before the shout can leave her crater mouth, she stops 

afraid he won't look back

hums to the excuse he's too far gone 

you'd imagine they'd have this figured out by now

handwritten notes left in between clouds

text messages sent through the connection of stars

inside your room with the glass block window, 

we complete the equations Mr. Harris assigned

promise we won't get distracted

incase there's a pop quiz tomorrow

you bring up the pep rally and go on about the team anyway

i love quickly your inflections can change, your voice never willing to hide how it feels 

i can't stop listening

i listen until the sun begins to set

the moon is on her way up,

hoping this will be her chance

my mother is about to text me

please head home, i don't like you on the road

when it's dark

tonight i'll cuddle up into the safety of someday

a practice now part of my bedtime routine

i'll turn the pillow onto its cold side

spread the sheet to warm my nerves

tangle myself inside the thought of you

i'll dream about the moment the universe says

say it!

a minute so right the stars align


perfectly, with asteroids 

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