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Hope started small. 

No, smaller than small. 

More like a morsel of wonder,

who quickly made me curious.

She taught me words like "maybe" and


So maybe, this meant I had a goal

And possibly, I'd make a plan

Because now, I was dreaming in the daytime.

Before I knew it, hope got bigger.

I asked her to settle down but she said

"trust me!"

Instead, I questioned everything.

But question wasn't so bad. Was it?

It was just part of the process. Right?

I then learned this was doubt.

Hope hated doubt.

I knew this to be true because

I didn't hear hope anymore.

But quietly, she still had faith.

She waited while I questioned and worried,

and when my fear finally faded,

Hope was there. 

And now, I was no longer afraid to trust her and I did not doubt her.

Hope had been built.

I'll give her a home.  

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