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Roses - Landon Sears


After the release of his first project “Murphy’s Circle,” Landon Sears gives us ‘Roses.’ With soulful vocals, jazzy keys, and a first verse stating “I woke up in the morning so in love with living,” you can’t help but grin when this groove turns on. Barely a freshman in college, Sears writes about real love. With such developed lyrics, we wonder how someone so young can understand the subject so well, but when chatting with the artist, he said, “The way social media portrays love and relationships is so wrong.” ‘Roses’ is used to tell people to look past the convenience of relationships and focus on the real reasons love exists. Since age six, Sears has been playing violin and the years of practice show. This track has advanced production and a flawless violin breakdown on top of the piano playing at 3:55. Additionally, the obvious hip-hop influence in this song stems from inspirations such as Nas and A Tribe Called Quest—and Sears combines all these elements seamlessly. We know there are big things to come from Landon Sears and we can’t wait to be here as it happens. Follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud to stay updated. And if you haven’t already, check out some tracks from “Murphy’s Circle” – I highly recommend ‘Dishonest Poet.’