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SB//LA - Eventide 


We’ve kept you updated with everything Eventide for the past few months, and now we’re happy to share their first full album. “SB//LA” was released just this afternoon and includes eight tracks full of smooth California sounds. Always having been an admirer of piano, I find this project is particularly pleasing. The first track on the album, ‘Still Waters,’ includes acoustic piano and is much slower and more thought provoking than anything we’ve heard in the past. And their fourth song, ‘Time to Kill’ featuring Academy, also gives us that piano sound—but with much more groove. This collab works well and with lyrics like “and if time were still nothing would change at all, to let it all unfold will play out like it always does,” the two groups bring out those laid-back vibes we love them for. Moving to the final track, ‘The Summit,’ we dig the opening beat of the “intro to the outro” and respect the repetitiveness of “Eventide on the rise.” With such confident lyrics, we at UH have no doubt this is only the beginning for the band. Overall, “SB//LA” is Eventide’s opening statement, with an exclamation that there’s much more to come from teammates Matt Kolb and Ben Miller. So grab the free download above and throw them a follow on Soundcloud and Twitter to stay updated and see for yourself.