Do As People Do (EP) - Beecher's Fault

For UniversityHype


Beecher’s Fault is a folk rock meets synth pop band from New York and we’re happy to induct them into the UH library. Even more so, we’re excited to share their new EP ‘Do As People Do’ with you. This project is a 6-track masterpiece full of real emotion and perfected instrumentals. ‘Never Believe in You,’ one of their more recognizable songs, opens the EP and is by far the most upbeat track on the project. With lyrics like “though your eyes say not to trust you for a minute, I want to stay with you all night” we know this EP is speaking on love and relationships – but there’s no cheesy, sappy love songs here. Ben Taylor (guitar) claims they gathered unique stories from friends and family in order to write the songs on this project. Personally, my favorite track is ‘Carroll.’ The song opens with organ keys and then makes its way into a passionate electric guitar solo at 1:43. The lyrics for this song are sentimental as Ken Lamken (keys) wrote them in remembrance of his grandparents’ marriage. Overall, ‘Do As People Do’ is a collection of love stories told through music. It’s all the romance without the corny. So grab the free download above and listen for yourself. Then throw a follow onTwitter and Soundcloud to our new friends to stay updated with what’s to come.